Brass Angle Valve for wall mounting quarter turn 1/2 Inch

Brass Angle Valve for Wall Mount Quarter Turn 1/2″,Angle valve for short is an angle globe valve. The angle valve is similar to the ball valve, and its structure and characteristics are modified from the ball valve. The difference with the ball valve is that the outlet of the angle valve is at a right angle of 90 degrees to the inlet. Angle valve is also called triangle valve, angle valve, angle water valve. This is because the pipe is in a 90-degree corner shape at the angle valve, so it is called an angle valve, an angle valve, and an angle valve. It is mostly used for water and electricity installation in the decoration industry, and is an important plumbing accessory.

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Product Name: Angle Valve Warranty: 5 Years
Code: SQ03-014 Thread Standard: BSP, BSPT, NPT, etc.
Nominal Size: 1/2"x3/8" Thread Type: Male x Male
Weight: 160g Main Material: Forged Brass
Application: Bathroom or Kitchen Media: Water
Installation: Thread connected Place of Origin: Yuhuan, Zhejiang, China
Logo: To customize Certificate: CE / ISO9001

Product Details

Part Name Material Surface Treatment
Body: Brass Polished and Chromed
Handle: Zink Polished and Chromed
Cartridge: Brass and Ceramic Yellow brass
Sealing: Silica Gel White
O-Ring: NBR Black
Rosette: Stainless Steel Polished and Chromed
Finish: Luxury Chrome Plated Polished
Shape: ‎1 x angle valve with 1 x Rosette Polished and Chromed
Packing: 1 double set in 1 EPE Bag in 1 color box 120 sets in 1 Master Carton
Packaging: Color box in Brown Master Carton To customize
Brass Angle Valve for wall mounting quarter turn 1/2 Inch
Brass Angle Valve for wall mounting quarter turn 1/2 Inch 1

Angle valve for heating pipeline

Brass Angle Valve for wall mounting quarter turn 1/2 Inch for heating pipeline

1. Civil The angle valve :
Civil The angle valve has four main functions:
①Start to transfer the internal and external water outlets;
②The water pressure is too large, you can adjust it on the triangle valve, and close it a little;
③The function of the switch, if the faucet leaks, etc., the triangle valve can be turned off, and it is not necessary to close the main valve in the home;
④ beautiful and generous. Therefore, general new house decoration are essential plumbing accessories, so designers will also mention it when decorating a new house.

2. Industrial use
The valve body of the angle valve has three ports: the water inlet, the water volume control port, and the water outlet, so it is called a triangle valve.
Of course, the angle valve is constantly improving. Although there are still three ports, there are also angle valves that are not angular.
The angle valve mentioned by the industry: the angle control valve is similar to the straight-through single seat control valve except that the valve body is a right angle.

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