In life, people always wonder which is better, stainless steel braided hose or stainless steel corrugated hose?

In life, we often tangle about which is better, braided hose or corrugated hose.  In fact, their functions are the same. The main thing is to compare their advantages and disadvantages, and then choose the one that suits your psychological expectations. The one that suits your needs is good.

At present, the good and bad of stainless steel are intermingled in the market, so whether it is hose or corrugated pipe, once the quality of stainless steel is unqualified, the use effect will be affected. Therefore, we must ensure that it is qualified stainless steel when purchasing.

The pressure resistance and high temperature resistance of the braided pipe will be worse than that of the corrugated hose. The advantage of the braided hose is that it can be easily bent and rotated; The corrugated pipe can be used as a soft connection to reduce vibration.

1. Hose composition

Stainless steel braided hose:304 stainless steel wire, inner tube, steel sleeve, insert, gasket, nut

Stainless steel corrugated hose: hexagonal nut , pipe body, gasket,  sleeve

2. Differences in the scope of hose use

Braided hose: it is mainly used to connect the angle valve at the water inlet with the washbasin faucet, kitchen faucet, vertical bathtub faucet, water heater, central air conditioner and toilet, forming a drainage pipe for water supply channel matters

Corrugated hose: used for the transmission of high-temperature liquid and gas. Such as water inlet pipe of water heater, medium gas delivery pipe, water inlet hose of faucet, etc. For areas with poor water quality.

3. Manufacturing process and performance differentiation of hoses

Stainless steel braided hose: it is made 304 stainless steel wire. The whole hose has good flexibility and explosion-proof effect. However, compared with corrugated pipe, it has smaller diameter and smaller water flow

Stainless steel corrugated hose: the hose body is uneven. There is only one outer pipe, no inner pipe, and the pipe body is hard. During installation, special attention should be paid to the vertical installation. It is not allowed to flash and bend more than one outside to avoid water leakage and fracture.


Post time: Oct-14-2022