Electric floor heating to help China’s building energy-savin


by China to the world in 2020

45% of the tasks will be generated from energy-efficient homes. The amazing number and terrible consequences require us to awaken human consciousness, strengthen our understanding and opinions on energy-efficient housing, and actively participate in the cause of energy-saving housing.

China's energy-saving housing business is the mission of history and reality to give us this generation. The legacy of a large number of non-energy-saving homes and the reality of global warming have forced our generation to find a way out for human survival.

Let us first come to know about global warming. Global warming refers to rising global temperatures. In the past 100 years, the global average temperature has experienced two fluctuations of cold-warm-cold-warm, which is always seen as an upward trend. After entering the 1980s, global temperatures have risen significantly.

From 1981 to 1990, the global average temperature rose by 0.48 °C from 100 years ago. The main cause of global warming is that humans have used a large amount of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, etc.) in the past century and emitted a large amount of greenhouse gases such as CO2.
Because these greenhouse gases are highly transparent to short-waves from solar radiation, they are highly absorbing to the long-wave radiation reflected by the Earth, which is often referred to as the greenhouse effect, leading to global warming. The consequences of global warming will make global precipitation heavy

New distribution, melting of glaciers and frozen soils, rising sea levels, etc., not only endanger the balance of natural ecosystems, but also threaten human food supply and living environment. At present, the global concentration of carbon dioxide is 388 parts per million, and it is increasing at a rate of two millionths per year, such as

If the concentration of carbon dioxide exceeds 500 parts per million, humans will not survive.
So low-carbon economy, energy saving and emission reduction have become the main theme of our lives.

With electricity as the energy source, it is mainly heated by the heating cable to the indoor heating.


1. Completely solved the problem of centralized heating charging, and has good comparability in investment cost and operating cost.
2. Air convection is weakened, with good air cleanliness, no pollution, no noise.
3. the ground temperature is uniform, the room temperature is decreasing from the bottom to the top, the comfort is high, there is no heat feeling of traditional heating
4. easy to use, no maintenance, intelligent control of the household compartment, temperature, time, cost are determined by themselves.
5. Compared with other heating methods, it is more energy efficient, and the energy saving range is about 30%.
6. equipped with intelligent temperature controller, can set the temperature rise and fall time and temperature according to the schedule.

Please use high quality stainless steel flexible hose.

Post time: May-11-2022